Hello Chicago/Cook County

This is a new blog about criminal defense in Chicago, Cook County, Illinois. I will post news from time to time, but mostly this blog is to educate people about the criminal justice system from the defense point of view.

I will try to educate those seeking advice about what happens when they, or someone they know, gets involved in the criminal justice system in Cook County. Chicago is only one district out of six in the Circuit Court of Cook County.

Many of the articles I will post will deal with attorneys. I will not name any, but I will give points on what to look for when hiring a lawyer to defend you.

I will also try to explain the various procedures and strategies used in court (mostly mine and my partner’s). I can’t really speak for other lawyers, so I will not attempt to second guess them. This is not a blog for people to try to check up on their lawyer. I don’t know what that lawyer is thinking, nor do I know the facts of the case.

My name is George Zuganelis, and I have been a lawyer for 35 years practicing almost exclusively criminal defense. My partner, and brother, Charles Zuganelis, has been practicing almost exclusively criminal defense for 31 years. Both of us have tried cases all over Illinois and in a few other states, as well. Our practice is in the state and federal courts here in Illinois. We can try cases in federal courts anywhere in the country. We practice almost exclusively in Cook County, but have tried cases in Du page, Will, Lake, Kane, Kankakee, and various other counties in Illinois.


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